gAs long as human has eyes, optics is everlastingh
KIYOHARA OPTICS Inc. handles the other lights in addition to the lights of human wavelength range (400nm~700nm).
We handles wide range of lights such as from ultraviolet light to X ray range in the short wavelength and from infrared light to microwave in the long wavelength.

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  • yThe Head Office E Laboratoryz

  • 3-28-10, Funado Itabashi-ku

  • Tokyo 174-0041, Japan

  • TELF+81-3-5918-8501@FAXF+81-3-5918-8501

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JPY 30,000,000


April 10th, 1949


Hirohiko Shinonaga

Board Member

Okiharu Kirino
Masuchika Matsumoto
Hideyuki Matsumoto

Sadao Ikawa (Auditor)

Michio Kiyohara (Executive Officer)
Kosuke Kiyohara (Executive Officer)

Motosuke Kiyohara (Advisor)
Shigeru Kirino (Advisor)

Business Contents

Design and Production for optical components (lens, mirror, prism, etc.)
Production and Sale for non-contact measuring instruments and more (lazar interferometer)
Consulting service for optics
Planning, designing, and producing for optical system
Import light-related machinery and tech support
Design, processing, and production for laser-related machinery and precision instrument parts

Parent Company

Crystal Optics Inc.

Tie-Up Company

Hextek Corp. (U.S.A.)
Phase Shift Technology (U.S.A.)
Engineering Synthesis Design, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Carl Zeiss Jena Gmbh (GERMANY)
Meller Optics (U.S.A.)
AXE (U.S.A.)

Main Customer

Fujitsu Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
NTT Laboratory
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
National and Public University Study Research Organization
Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Independent Administrative Institution, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Independent Administrative Institution, National Institute for Environmental Studies
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Meteorological Agency, Meteorological Research Institute
Independent Administrative Institution, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Other research organizations


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Shinjuku office
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Tokyo office