Kiyohara Optics Inc. has been gaining many experiences since we found in 1949. With these experiences, we respond to your various requests for optical instruments.

Kiyohara Optics Inc. handles various optical interferometers. Interferometers that included piezo method phase shift system and interference fringe analysis device with outstanding cost performance and so on, Kiyohara Optics Inc. has a good collection of products. Kiyohara Optics Inc. corresponds with your requests for light sources, measuring objects, etc.

In addition to fMRI visual stimulation presentation system and the system that automatically pursues and observes the sun, and etc., Kiyohara Optics Inc. handles various optical systems.

Kiyohara Optics Inc. performs and totalizes design, manufacture, and produce for optical components such as lens, mirror, prism, and more.
Kiyohara Optics Inc. totalize operates works in our own company, we handles our customerfs request in details.